Personality Magic

Engaging Training For Your Entire Team

Connect and communicate more effectively with everyone you meet and work with.

In Kostya's "Personality Magic" training, you'll learn how master magicians—like master salespeople and customer service experts—can instantly read their audiences and adjust their performances accordingly. These powerful secrets of interpersonal communication are applicable in all professions and can be learned and mastered by anyone. 


Expect To See Positive Results In Your Company Culture: 

→ Strengthen Workplace Relationships
→ Facilitate Employee Buy-In
→ Build Stronger Connections
→ Create Fun Camaraderie at Work
→ Increase Customer Loyalty
→ Boost Sales & Bottom Line Results


The entire program was an interesting and informative perspective on the diverse personality types in any workplace and their respective motivations... Your performance appealed to everyone in our group and prompted many discussions in the days following the event. The fact that you made all of your points with a ‘magic spin’ made people forget they were learning!
— Karen L., NASCAR Inc


Kostya's writing on personality styles have been published in ADVISOR MagazineNetworking Times and Personal Excellence. Check out the articles:


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