Personality Magic

In Kostya’s “Personality Magic” workshop, your group will learn how to connect & communicate more effectively.

Motivational Speaking Content

This is a high-energy presentation that will get your group thinking critically about their relationships—and laughing as they experience “ah-ha moments.”

what audiences learn

As a motivational speaker, Kostya shows you how master magicians—like master salespeople and customer service pros—can instantly read their audiences to adjust their performances. Use this presentation to strengthen workplace relationships, create employee buy-in, boost sales and increase customer loyalty. 

Who It’s For

These powerful secrets of interpersonal communication are applicable to all professions and can be learned and mastered by anyone. The presentation is particularly helpful to audiences who have already participated in a personality type program, but it is great for those new to the concept as well.

Kostya's writing on personality styles has been published in more than a dozen publications, including   ADVISOR Magazine   ,    Networking Times   and   Personal Excellence   .

Kostya's writing on personality styles has been published in more than a dozen publications, including ADVISOR Magazine, Networking Times and Personal Excellence.

why it’s magical

Throughout his Personality Magic motivational speaker presentation, Kostya weaves in mind-blowing magic effects. 

These surprise moments not only keep the audience engaged, but help illustrate how to relate to each of the four personality styles—Diamonds, Clubs, Hearts and Spades.


→ Strengthen Workplace Relationships
→ Facilitate Employee Buy-In
→ Build Stronger Connections
→ Create Fun Camaraderie at Work
→ Increase Customer Loyalty
→ Boost Sales & Bottom Line Results

Franchise C.O.O. talks about “personality magic”

What’s Kostya's secret to making content memorable?

Why are the lessons Kostya teaches business groups recalled so well when he returns to those same groups the following year? Because he starts the meeting off with unexpected actions, phrases and ideas, he kicks the audience into “an emotional brain state.”

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