Kostya Kimlat



Hi, I’m Kostya. My magical keynote presentations

teach you to Think Like A Magician™–so you can can step into the minds of your customers.


A Motivational Speaker Who Teaches The Art of Perception

As an Orlando-based motivational keynote speaker at business meetings, association conferences, and customer service trainings around the world, I talk about the role of perception in our lives—all from my vantage point as a magician.

While magicians and mentalists are known to fool people, they’re also known as experts at seeing things from another person’s perspective. That’s why, as a keynote speaker, I teach audiences to see things from the perspectives of others—customers, clients, and colleagues.


My ultimate goal as a motivational speaker magician is to help people manage perceptions, strengthen communication, and make them more socially intelligent in the process. I do all of that by helping audiences understand how they see the world versus how the world sees them—and then teaching them how to Think Like A Magician™ to shape their customers’ perspectives.

So, how are perceptions impacting your business?

TV Magician. In-Person Speaker.

Kostya stumped the legendary Penn & Teller on their TV show, Fool Us, and the video clip of his performance has become one of the show's most popular ever—with 10 million views and counting:


In addition to fooling Penn & Teller, Kostya Kimlat has performed as a magician and educated as a keynote speaker in over 200 cities on five continents for more than 20 years, empowering executives at organizations like Sysco, AT&T, Siemens, and NASA. His See Magic Live team of magicians gained recognition for performing with the Orlando Magic NBA Team for six years and now perform at corporate & social events nationwide. Kostya is also the author of the forthcoming book, Think Like A Magician.


First, I Was A Magician.
Now, I Share My Secrets As A Speaker.


What I Mean By Motivational Speaker

Despite the site title, I don’t call myself a motivational speaker. I’m an informational speaker. And I believe it is information that motivates us most. Because if I give you fresh insight, new knowledge and a distinctly different way of seeing the world, this will ignite your motivation. If I can get you to think differently, you will act differently. Perception becomes reality. That’s why I teach people to Think Like A Magician™.

Magicians are Experts in Perception

While there are motivational speaker categories for leadership speakers, sales speakers, customer services speakers, and communication speakers, there is no category for a Perception Speaker. Yet, as a professional magician, that’s what I am.

Why Perceptions Matter

No matter which area of your life you focus on, perceptions are key: the way other people see you, the way you see yourself, the way you see and understand the people around you. Perception tools can be used to stretch and transform what we believe we see, and therefore our reality.  

Am I The best Speaker For You?

If you're interested in social dynamics, interpersonal communication, and relationship building—and enjoy the thrill of astonishment and the joy of magic—then I am the business speaker for you. 

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Keynote Speaker & Magician Testimonials

Here’s What some of Kostya’s Clients Say About Him as a Speaker & Magician.

We had the pleasure of Kostya as the Keynote Speaker at Restaurant Partners Leadership Conference. Kostya’s magic was truly amazing, but the biggest takeaway was how he translated the way magicians think into how you can apply those core elements into your business.
— Keith L., Director of Operations
I was a little skeptical at first as to how a magicians would be able to help a business out, but oh boy was I wrong. I learned more about reading people and categorizing their personality than all the books and trainings I’ve had combined. If you are looking for a dynamic speaker who can teach you a lot of information in an extremely entertaining way, look no further than Kostya Kimlat.
— Jeremiah F., Employee Benefit Strategist
Kostya performed at our Leadership Summit recently and was outstanding! With his dynamic personality and engaging style, over 200 business leaders were able to draw upon his ‘magic’ and take with them new skills of communicating with others.
— Dawn K., President
Kostya recently spoke as one of our keynote speakers for my company National Kick Off meeting and he was absolutely amazing! Besides the obvious—his magic tricks (which is mind-blowing within itself)—he was able to speak to different business strategies that I found very beneficial as a sales professional.
— Vania T., Account Executive