Kostya Kimlat



For 20+ years, master magician and mentalist, Kostya Kimlat has used the centuries-old secrets of magic to shape the perceptions of his audiences.

Now, as a motivational keynote speaker, he's revealing those secrets of magicians and mentalists at conferences, conventions, sales trainings, customer service workshops, and meetings around the globe so that business audiences can learn to step into the minds of their customers, clients, and coworkers.


To Think Like a Magician™, it's not about deception—it's about perception.

3 Fun Motivational Speaker Topics—That’ll Teach You To Become An Expert In Perception


Think Like A Magician™

In his signature keynote, Kostya shows you that magic is not about deception—it’s about perception.

At business meetings, conferences and conventions, Kostya speaks as a motivational keynote speaker about the role that perception plays within business and the customer's mind. You’ll learn secrets that master magicians have been using for centuries to connect with their audiences and influence how they see, think and act.


Personality Magic

In Kostya’s Personality Magic workshop, your group will learn how to connect and communicate more effectively.

As a fun motivational speaker, Kostya shows you how master magicians—like master salespeople and customer service pros—can instantly read their audiences to adjust their performances. Use this presentation to strengthen workplace relationships, create employee buy-in, boost sales and increase customer loyalty.


Communication Magic

In Kostya’s Communication Magic, you’ll learn how expectations, perceptions, and memories shape the customer service experience.

Explore the fine art of customer astonishment. Discover how to create unforgettable experiences for your customers that become the legends that brands are made of. Learn from a magician and motivational speaker to “wow” customers & clients using the same principles magicians use to “wow” their spectators.


From a Magician on the Penn & Teller Stage—To a Motivational Speaker on Yours


Kostya has been a magician for more than two decades, performing in 250 cities on five continents and fooling the legendary magicians, Penn & Teller, on national TV—in a viral video that’s now been viewed more than 10 million times.

While Kostya is famous for fooling Penn & Teller on national television, his ultimate goal as a motivational speaker is not to teach you how to fool people.

What he hopes to do instead is teach the psychological secrets of magic to reshape how your team communicates and connects with others—so you can build stronger business relationships and improve customer service.

Like Kostya, Penn, and Teller, the world’s best magicians are always expanding their craft and reinventing their performances. You can do the same, transforming whatever you do by looking at it through the lens of magic. 

Is magic some kind of schtick or gimmick when I take the stage as a keynote speaker? Is it just a clever metaphor? Not at all. As a speaker, I showcase the complexity of magic to show how we can influence other people’s perceptions. I don’t reveal HOW magic is done. Instead I dive into the psychological WHY’s and show you how you can apply these lessons within your industry and profession. 
— Kostya Kimlat

What Kostya’s Clients Say About Him as a Speaker & Magician

I can honestly say that I have never seen an audience react as positively to a keynote speaker as they did to Kostya.
— Deanne A., Employee Development Director
Highly recommend Kostya! He will instantly become one of your favorite keynote speakers!
— Stefanie S., National Sales Manager
The thing that Kostya did that not a lot of speakers have done, is that he found out about our organization. If you don’t hire Kostya, you’re crazy.
— Tom D., Chief Operating Officer
Not only does Kostya have the most amazing magic show, as a speaker, he teaches you out to interact with people on all levels.
— Kelly S., Regional Director of Sales

6 Reasons to Hire Kostya as your Motivational Keynote Speaker

Dallas stage shot.jpg

#1: Kostya is entertaining and sophisticated.

As a motivational speaker, Kostya is able to set the right tone for your conference, create a welcoming atmosphere and get everyone into an open mindset, ready to learn and be inspired. Professional and polished, Kostya’s keynote speaker presentations are always rated highest by convention attendees.


#2 Kostya grips short attention spans.

As a magician and mentalist, Kostya keeps audiences on the edges of their seats by surprising them with moments of magic. Because audience members don’t want to miss an effect, they hang on every word of his keynote speaker content, too.


#3 Kostya transforms your culture.

As a motivational keynote speaker and magician, Kostya shares easy-to-apply secrets that make magicians the ultimate masters of perception, empowering you to communicate more effectively with customers, clients, and coworkers.


#4: Kostya has real business experience.

As a business owner himself, Kostya effortlessly connects to business audiences, executives and entrepreneurs as a keynote speaker. Kostya started See Magic Live, which trains, certifies and books magicians throughout the US. His local team began serving as the magicians for the NBA’s Orlando Magic in 2010.

Kostya, Penn and Teller.jpg

#5: Kostya amazes the world’s top magicians.

Kostya's first professional love was performing magic—something he has done on five continents and in dozens of TV appearances. He even succeeded in stumping the legendary Penn & Teller on their hit national TV show, Fool Us. Now, he shares his secrets of success as a motivational speaker.


#6: Top brands have trusted Kostya for 20+ years.

Kostya has served as "The Business Magician" for some of the largest Fortune 500 companies. From NASA to GE, SYSCO to AT&T, Kostya's clients request him to be their keynote speaker year after year not only for his impactful message, but for his professionalism and courtesy while preparing for every event.


A Keynote Speaker Who Makes Your Time Count


Companies hire Kostya as a motivational keynote speaker because while technology matters, humanity matters more. His clients know that the real business advantage they have is the human advantage. That’s why you have face-to-face meetings, conferences and conventions and hire the best motivational speakers. Bringing your people together is a big responsibility and an even greater opportunity. You want to make sure it counts. 

A business meeting is a chance to connect everyone to a greater purpose and build connections. It’s an amazing way to share knowledge and multiply the impact you can make together. As a motivational speaker at business meetings, Kostya takes his responsibility seriously. He help his clients make sure that every moment matters.