Think Like a Magician™

Keynote Presentation

In his signature keynote speech, Kostya shows you that magic is not about deception, but about perception.

At business meetings, conferences and conventions, Kostya talks about the role that perception plays within business and most importantly, the customer's mind. You’ll learn secrets that master magicians have been using for centuries to connect with their audiences and influence how they see, think and act.

Kostya will show you practical ways to apply these powerful principles to transform the role that perception plays in your life and business.  Kostya shares these secrets with executives, managers and employees, giving them specific ideas, tools and strategies to improve their business.

His message comes alive through the art of interactive magic, which sprinkled through his talk, keeps audiences on their toes and entertained. But it is the message, not the magic, that makes the greatest impact. You won't learn how to cut a girl in half or make someone levitate. Instead you'll learn the real secrets that make magicians the ultimate masters of perception.


Kostya was phenomenal! I can’t speak highly enough.
— COO, Filta Group
Kostya is someone I would highly recommend to motivate and inspire a group.
— Shreveport Tourist Bureau


Kostya is able to connect with people in the business world because his magic gives them a new way of looking at their business.
— Orlando Business Journal
Kostya is helping groups understand the importance of perception in their daily lives through the art of magic and sleight of hand.
— Smart Meeting

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