Workshop Facilitator

Kostya Kimlat has led business meetings for General Electric, Volvo, Sysco, Siemens, NASCAR and hundreds of Fortune 500 companies around the country. 

Kostya can facilitate your most important meetings. He can help you create a positive learning atmosphere through your entire conference and make your meetings purposeful, engaging and dynamic.

What Kostya does is amazing and it makes a meaningful impact on our clients. He’s fresh and exciting! Whether he is hosting a break-out session or entertaining at a welcome reception, people are always engaged. We want to bring him to every event we do because he makes us look good and that’s the icing on the cake.
— Donna B., Meetings & Incentives

Kick Off with Energy

Kostya kicks off General & Welcome Sessions with confidence and ease, engaging everyone in the audience. His enthusiasm and energy are an ideal way to start the morning programs and get all of your attendees participating and having fun.

Engage & Educate

The real strength of Kostya's performance is in the content. Your crowd will be on the edge of their seats and hanging onto every word. Kostya's magic, business background, and a B.A. in Philosophy brings an extra-ordinary level of thought into his presentations.

Have Amazing Meetings

It's not just entertainment. It's performance with a purpose, always brand-appropriate and aligned with your goals. Kostya gets to know every client, so you can be confident your attendees will be talking about this year's conference for long after!


Entertaining and astonishing your event-goers with one of 3 topics outlined below, Kostya's programs are always highest rated at conferences across the country. Watch these videos and see what audience members have to say about Kostya's keynote presentation. 

Think Like A Magician™

Discover the secrets of perception that master magicians have been using for centuries. Learn powerful principles of communication that will transform the way others perceive you and your business.

Personality Magic

Great magicians are masters of assessing their audience members’ personalities. Your team will learn to distinguish between different personality types in order to boost sales and increase customer loyalty.

Hospitality Magic

Discover the expectations, perceptions, and memories that drive your customer service experience. Learn ancient principles of magic that can create unforgettable magic for your customers.

You won't believe how the secrets of magicians can transform your organization: