Magical Motivational Speaker

Orlando motivational speaker and keynote speaker Kostya Kimlat provides customer service training at conferences, conventions, business meetings, and sales meetings, nationwide.

Kostya's message comes alive through the art of interactive magic, keeping audience members tuned in and attentive for the duration of his customer service trainings. But it is the message, not the magic, that makes the greatest impact. You won't learn how to cut a girl in half or make someone levitate. Instead you'll learn the real secrets that make magicians the ultimate masters of perception.

Kostya talks about the role that perception plays within your business and most importantly, your customer's mind, using centuries-old magic techniques.  Kostya shares these principles with your team, giving you specific ideas, tools and strategies to improve the customer service experience.

You won't believe how the secrets of magicians can transform your organization:

Motivational Speaking Topics

Entertaining and astonishing your event-goers with one of 3 topics outlined below, Kostya's programs are always highest rated at conferences across the country. Watch these videos and see what audience members have to say about Kostya's keynote presentation. 

Think Like A Magician™

Discover the secrets of perception that master magicians have been using for centuries. Learn powerful principles of communication that will transform the way others perceive you and your business.

Personality Magic

Great magicians are masters of assessing their audience members’ personalities. Your team will learn to distinguish between different personality types in order to boost sales and increase customer loyalty.

Communication Magic

Discover the expectations, perceptions, and memories that drive your customer service experience. Learn ancient principles of magic that can create unforgettable magic for your customers.

Clients rave that Kostya's presentations get the highest ratings from their attendees: