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Magicians know how to captivate an audience and keep them engaged from start to finish. As a motivational speaker, Kostya takes his audiences through the steps every magician masters to ensure their message is perceived effectively and teaches you how to do it in your business and life.

Attention & Awareness

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An audience can only do one thing at a time: pay attention or be aware. Attention can be manipulated, heightened or distorted. But first it must be captured. Awareness may be dimmed, or it may be heightened. Masterful magicians use these techniques skillfully to communicate their message. Do you?

Kostya shows you how to capture attention and control awareness. Through engaging and interactive demonstrations, Kostya is a motivational speaker who artfully and intentionally guides your attention to create the perception of magic. He then shows you how you can — and should — be able to have the most impactful impression on your audience, too.


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Magicians use the assumptions people make every day to create illusions. Magicians don’t just recognize assumptions and work around them; they acknowledge who people are, what they are thinking and expect, and what they need. They use acknowledgement to disarm skeptics and build a deeper connection with their audiences.

Learn Kostya’s techniques for bringing thoughts to the surface and you’ll reach an unparalleled level of authenticity with your clients, customers, co-workers and anyone you meet.


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Perceptions are affected by your audience’s attitudes, and you’ll need to tailor your approach to suit. Like the best communicators, the best magicians are not only aware of the attitudes of their audience, they are also aware of the chemistry that happens when personalities interact.

Magicians have a bevy of tools and strategies to alter their approach an audience. As a motivational speaker, Kostya teaches you the right approach to communication — one that fosters trust, enhances connection and reinforces authenticity.


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In magic and in life, expectations are everything. They make the experience. You may have the best magic trick—or the best product—in the world, but unless you set up expectations, your efforts can fall flat.

Astonishment and awe are central to changing our perceptions and transforming our frames of reference. What you do or create for your audiences does not have to be a shock to be astonishing. Learn how to build anticipation to make your audience’s experience as exciting and memorable as possible. Create wonder and awe, so that people talk about their experience with you to everyone around them.

“Kostya is able to connect with people in the business world because his magic gives them a new way of looking at their business.”  —Orlando Business Journal

“Kostya is able to connect with people in the business world because his magic gives them a new way of looking at their business.” —Orlando Business Journal


Ideal for sales, executives, management, and any department or organization that has to connect and communicate with others.

This keynote is useful for companies and associations that deal with B2B or B2C business. It is Kostya’s most skill-focused keynote speech in his motivational speaker portfolio with concrete take-aways to apply to your life and business.


Throughout his keynote speaker presentation, Kostya weaves in mind-blowing magic effects. In addition, this 60-minute signature keynote can be paired with interactive magic entertainment at a pre-session event, as well as up to one hour of a meet-and-greet at a post-session event.

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