The Most Social Audience at a Keynote Speech

Every speaker loves audience participation and social engagement. It's wonderful to get off the stage and see that people are talking about your presentation online, sharing pictures and quotes from your talk. But it doesn't happen every time because every audience has a different relationship with social media.

When I am speaking to a room of engineers, franchisees, or insurance adjustors,  I don't expect lots of tweeting about my presentation. But when I was asked by Bess Auer to speak at the 7th Annual Florida Blogger and Social Media Conference, I knew this would be different than any other speech.  I just didn't expect this much social engagement. 

The audience was comprised of marketers, bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, and other creatives. They gathered to discuss content production, marketing, monetization, as well as the technical and artistic sides of their businesses. I was asked to speak about my signature topic, Think Like A Magician

After being introduced on stage by Adam Avitable, I shared the story of how I grew my passion of magic into a profitable full-time business. I shared the approach and strategies I've created to help businesses and individuals connect and communicate with their target audience. 

I spoke about the need to not only identify your audience, but to think of your audience's audience. I discussed the emotional connection that people have with the things they read and watch and we discussed what drives people to share this content with others. 

Every audience I speak to has certain methods that are integral to their success. At conferences, they get together to discuss and perfect these methods. My job is to remind them that these highly technical methods they're working on have an impact in the real world - what magicians call the effect.

Understanding your effect - the perceived impact of your methods - begins by getting into the mind of your audience, whether that is a reader, viewer, customer or co-worker.

I showed the group of bloggers and marketers how they are able to create unlimited effects for their audiences and taught them one simple magic trick that allowed them to grasp the concept both mentally and physically.

The feedback was wonderful and I was blown away by all the response on social media. Thanks to all the wonderful artists, solo-preneurs and passionate individuals for your tweets!

I feel the love and look forward to seeing you again at a future #FlBlogCon! 

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