The Importance of Social Proof

Over the years I neglected to ask my clients for testimonials. I was there to engage the audience! I thought the only proof necessary of a job well done was when my clients hired me back a second time.

But you and I know that nothing can help us make a buying decision easier than social proof. So at a recent business meeting I asked the person who hired me, a Director of Training & Development, to share her thoughts after I finished presenting my signature keynote, Think Like A Magician.™ 

Here is what she wanted to share with other meeting planners about her experience:

"So as a conference planner, the most important thing to me is to find somebody that understands the audience and can also deliver a message that's replicable and can be taken back to their work.

Kostya was the perfect match for that. he has the experience to understand the work that we do as well as to really read the audience and understand how they need to get that information and bring it back with them.

Well I think everybody absolutely loved his message. He's high energy. He really played well with the different people in the audience. He knew the industry and they really, really enjoyed it.

If you're thinking of hiring Kostya for your event I would absolutely recommend him. He was very easy to work with, his team is very professional and he provided such a wonderful experience for our audience."

Thank you to Joy Brand Richardson for inviting me to be the keynote speaker at the JCCA Conference.  Thanks for showing me why social proof is important and how valuable a testimonial can be. This is a video I am proud to share with other potential clients.