Senior Class Students Think Like Magicians To Prank Their School

Magicians don't make the impossible possible; they just create the illusion that they do. 

This kind of thinking led a group of high school students to prank their school -- and not get in trouble for it -- by creating the illusion of a car accident.

Perception is everything, so at first sight, any police officer would believe the car had really gone through the wall. But the clever kids created the illusion using black tape, a large tarp, broken bricks, and don't even ask where the half of a car came from.

The principal of the school was pleased with their creativity. He told Milwaukee's TMJ4 News the prank had staff smiling. Meanwhile, the Police department posted on Facebook that this was "the best" prank yet. 

You have to give it up to the kids for not only creating shock value, but making sure the scene looked believable. Way to be creative in capturing people's attention through an optical illusion!