If You Can Think This Way, You Can Think Like A Magician™


Are you fascinated by how we perceive the world around us?
Why we believe the true and false things we do?
Why we act certain ways and think certain thoughts? 

Because we all perceive the world differently, we need—now more than ever—to better understand each other in order to communicate more effectively.

This skill of understanding each other is one magicians have honed for centuries. If you think about it, few people are as adept at understanding varying perspectives in any given moment as an excellent magician.

All of us are equally served by having a deeper understanding of how our perceptions form. So, sure, if we think like a magician, the world will be a better place. But there are selfish reasons for why you would want to think like a magician, too. 

You can develop your interpersonal relationships with others and strengthen your communication skills. You can become more confident and at ease with others. At business meetings and social gatherings, instead of being lost in your own thoughts, you’ll be able to perceive the wants and anticipate the needs of others. You'll connect and communicate more effortlessly with anyone and everyone with whom you interact. 

When your opportunity comes to present to a single individual, a group of ten, one hundred or one thousand people, these secrets will be invaluable. By focusing on your audience's perceptions, they will help you communicate your message with intent, comfort, and mastery


Using these magician's principles as a guide, you’ll begin to see things more clearly from others’ perspectives. Learning your own pitfalls of perception will put you at your peak for staying sharp and paying attention. You’ll acknowledge your weaknesses and capitalize on your strengths. You’ll also develop the ability to express your point of view in the most efficient manner so others can understand you, your needs and your motivations. People will see you like they've never seen you before.

By becoming better at identifying the factors that influence perceptions, you'll have more control over the way you act. Being more conscious will lead to greater influence in how the world sees you. Knowing how people perceive you will help you be better at communicating with them. It can even help you to make those powerful changes — in your life and theirs.

Just like a magician, you have the ability to understand, connect, and communicate. You have the power to transform—yourself and others. If you haven't practiced these skills, or feel you're not good at them, it's time to open your mind to abilities you may not have known you have. 

The art and craft of magic can showcase principles of applied psychology in action. Magicians think differently, see differently, and act differently. Understanding these differences and applying them in a different field can be very powerful.

If perception plays a role in your life or business, you'll find these new ways of seeing and acting permeating into your work life and your personal life. In the end, you won’t be a magician but you’ll learn to Think Like A Magician™. 



This is an excerpt from Kostya’s upcoming book Think Like A Magician™. It’s also the title of his signature keynote speech which he has been delivering since 2002. 

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