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If You're In Sales, You Need To Think Like A Magician™

A sale, like a great magic trick, occurs inside the customer’s mind. And it is there where it is replayed, remembered and redefined continually after. The mind is the final battleground. Because magicians are masters of perception, they understand how to get into the heads of their prospects better than anyone else. That’s why the principles of magic can be so helpful in a business environment. If you’re in sales or customer service, here are four secrets to Think Like A Magician™.

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How To Read People Like A Magician

Many people have taken personality tests to tell them who they are. But very few people can instantly assess the personality style of someone they meet. Thanks to this magical system, you’re now equipped to do just that.

You don’t have to rack your brain to search for the right word to describe someone. The magician’s method of four suits is simple to learn and easy to use in the real world. When you’re in the trenches of a presentation or negotiation, meeting people and trying to understand them on the fly, utilize the four suits to identify personality types quickly and easily. And then, give them what their suit needs.

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The One Question That Saved This Company From Losing My Business

I was trying to get electronic payments out to my partners and vendors before the end of the year. What should have been an easy process turned into a nightmare.

When I first signed up with my financial institution five years ago, the charm of a small, hometown bank drew me in. I was tired of being treated as an insignificant account holder at the major behemoths. There was one particular detail that made me happy each time too: the calendar date was always correct. 

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Can you transform customer perceptions?

As a magician, I specialize in surprises: creating unexpected experiences and memorable moments. While the unexpected is a great foundation to my art, it is a challenge for my business. People want to buy what they know; what they have seen, heard and touched.

Clients are hesitant to “buy the invisible” – as Harry Beckwith points out in one of my .

Most of the people who hire me, first see me perform at another event. They make the connection that what they have seen me do will be a perfect fit for their business or social event and they contract me to perform. About 80% of my contracts come from people seeing me in person. Booking these shows is a breeze. People have seen it, they know it, they want it, they get it.

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This business is blatantly advertising their customer service training.

A new franchise of Wahlburgers is opening up a block away from where I live in Downtown Orlando and last night there was a sign on their door the likes of which you don’t often see.

“Training in Progress. Look forward to serving you soon.”

How would you feel if you saw this sign at your local restaurant? What about your bank? Or your doctor’s office? Would it make a positive difference for you if you knew the staff of the business you are visiting is training their staff so that they can serve you better?

As I continued walking, the next window featured several large sticky sheets covered with words and phrases.

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