Transatlantic Live Lecture Tour

Close-Up Magic for intermediate magicians.

Difficulty Level: 3 out of 5

Get ready to travel the world and see some incredible magic! You'll learn 15 effects on this hour long minute lecture, filmed live at two conventions in England and a lecture in Orlando, Florida.

All of Kostya's original creations are here. You'll watch live performances and get complete explanations of every effect. Originally published in numerous different lecture notes and magazines, these effects are together on this one lecture download.

Of the 15 effects, there are two non-card effects that utilize a Butter Knife & Butter and a pack of M&M candy. The remaining effects are all done with playing cards and range from the ridiculously easy (Single-Double Thought & BK Card Trick) to the wonderfully sleight-of-hand complex (Hallucinogenic Gaze).

Learn these two original effects:

Schulien Reloaded and Solitary Confinement are both taught during this lecture. You'll learn many other effects you can add to your repertoire and get the detailed work on card technique you'll use to amaze others.

15 Performance & Tutorial Videos
Streaming Access in Kostya's Learning Center