Card Tricks for Strangers

Card Magic for intermediate magicians.

Difficulty Level: 2 out of 5

A collection of Kostya's creations with a deck of cards, these routines use simple methods combined with clever thinking. The routines "Two Step" and "2 Ahead with the Deck" have gotten the strongest responses at lectures and they are two of the easiest card tricks that you'll learn!

For those that like a little bit of a challenge, "Stardust Transposition and Cosmic Fusion" is a beautiful in-the-hands version of Anniversary Waltz. Also included is Kostya's closing presentation that raises the level of astonishment for the audience. And "Hofzinser's Aristocrats" - created with Syd Segal - is a whack to the head, when the card in the spectators hands transposes with a card on the table.


  • Two Step, Two Step
  • Two Ahead with the Deck
  • Stardust Transposition & Cosmic Fusion
  • Signature Across
  • Ku-do-s to Su-do-ku
  • Call Direct
  • Hofzinser’s Aristocrats

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