"At the Table" Lecture DVD

Professional Advice for Hobbyist & Full-Time Magicians

Kostya Kimlat has lectured for magicians around the world, throughout Europe, Asia, North & South America. After establishing his reputation in magic as a sleight-of-hand expert, Kostya's teachings began to focus on the theater, psychology and business of magic. Since 2010, Kostya has held training seminars for professional magicians wanting to take their hobby or passion and develop a full-time profession. On this lecture DVD, Kostya shares some of the most important advice any artist going into business for themselves should know.

Watch the first 12 minutes:

He has found a great balance between being a commercial magician and being original and fresh in magic, and his lecture has so much rock-solid advice that I cannot imagine anyone walking away from the lecture without learning something new and useful that will make them a much better magician overall.
— Harapan Ong, NingThing.com
There is a lot of information to take in and digest and you will probably find yourself, if you are truly interesting in becoming a semi-pro or pro magician, watching this many times over... If you have ever considered doing magic for a living (partial or full) then this lecture is for you - you will learn many valuable things from this one.
My Lovely Assistant

If you want to become a pro and don't know where to start or if you are a pro and want to grow your business, then this lecture is for you.

You'll learn about:

  • Reading Your Audience
  • Best Ways to Approach Crowds
  • Hottest Way to Break the Ice
  • A Card Effect That Plays for Thousands
  • Routining Your Magic for Close-Up & Stage
  • Secrets of Live TV Magic
  • Secrets of Restaurant Magic
  • Foundation For Following Your Passions
  • Principles for Growing Your Business

Kostya will talk about the magic he performs at:

  • Restaurants
  • Dinner-Shows
  • Hotel Banquets
  • Sports Events
  • Live Television
  • and more!