Personality Magic - Virtual Training

Personality Magic Online Learning

You know your personality style. But how good are you at identifying others? And how are you using your knowledge in the real world?

Personality Magic is Kostya's easy to remember and use system for identifying the styles of the people you're meeting and connecting with. 

Now it's available for you and your employees to learn and access on-line 24/7.

Connect and communicate more effectively with everyone you meet.

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12-Part Course

Course enrollment includes one-year access for one participant for a full 12-part Personality Magic course.

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24/7 Access

Our virtual learning center is open to you 24/7. E-learning is available to fit your schedule.

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fun to learn & use

Receive support e-mails to reinforce the knowledge. Spaced repetition enhances your learning. 


On-line learning previously available only to attendees of Kostya's live keynotes is now yours at the click of a button. Access the course below now to get instant access.

Individual Course Access: $79.95/year
Subscription Rates available for 10+ employees.
Corporate Licenses available upon request.