The Menu

Homemade delicacies set the pace – each meal at Christner’s Prime Steak & Lobster begins with piping hot bread and personal touches continuing throughout. From the salad dressings to signature dessert, each ingredient is carefully selected with a serious focus on beef. Every serving is corn-fed, aged in house and cut fresh-to-order. Christner’s boasts a wine portfolio of over 4,500 bottles while the drink profile is rich in imported and locally crafted whiskies, spirits and beer.

Your Meal Includes:

  • Salad – Christner’s House Salad with freshly baked bread and butter

  • Appetizer – Delicious Crab Cake

  • Entrée – Your choice of 8 oz Filet, 12 oz Strip or 12 oz Salmon.

  • Side Dishes – A generous portion of Chateau Potatoes and Asparagus.

  • Dessert – Tea, Coffee, and a fine Chocolate Mousse

Special Diets & Allergies:
If you or one of your guests has any special dietary needs (i.e. vegetarian, no shellfish), please let us know before you arrive. We are happy to accommodate your wishes when possible.  It will be easier for us to accommodate you when we know ahead of time.

Ordering Additional Items:
You may order additional items not included in the prix fixe menu, such as alcoholic beverages or additional side items, entrées, and desserts. These additional selections will be placed on a check provided to you at the end of the evening by the serving staff. 

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