Hospitality Magic

Keynote Presentation

In this keynote presentation, learn how expectations, perceptions, and memories shape the customer service experience. 

Explore the fine art of astonishment and discover how you can create unforgettable experiences for your customers—moments of “Hospitality Magic” that become the legends that brands are made of. 

Ideal for customer service, front line employees and management, this presentation takes a hands-on look at creating an experience worth talking about. 


An effective and entertaining presentation at our national convention. Fantastic! The audience had a great time, and we did too.
— Ken S., KOA
An outstanding performance at our company’s three regional meetings. I was extremely pleased at your willingness and ability to understand the goals of our meetings and tailor your performance accordingly. Your magic blended with the flow and format of our meeting! Thank you!
— Dan G., RaceTrac

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