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Kostya Kimlat
The Business Magician

Guest speakers should be informative, entertaining—and change-making. Meet guest speaker, Kostya Kimlat. He’s known as The Business Magician. That’s because he uses his secrets of perception as a master magician to teach businesses and associations how to shape the perceptions of their own audiences—clients, customers, and coworkers. To Think Like a Magician™, it's not about deception—it's about perception. 


A Magical Guest Speaker

Kostya's message as a guest speaker comes alive through the art of interactive magic, keeping audience members attentive for the duration of his customer service trainings. But it is the message, not the magic, that makes the greatest impact. Kostya shares the principles of perception with your team, giving you specific ideas, tools and strategies to improve the customer service experience.

Guest speakers like Kostya Kimlat can add a high degree of entertainment to their keynote addresses.

Trusted by Top Brands

Kostya has served as "The Business Magician" for some of the largest Fortune 500 companies. From NASA to GE, SYSCO to AT&T, Kostya’s clients request him as a guest speaker year after year for his impactful message.


In 2015, Kostya stumped the legendary Penn & Teller on their TV show, Fool Us, and the video clip of his performance has become one of the show's most popular ever—with 10 million views and counting.

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Think Like A Magician™

They say perception is everything—and now more than ever, we need to work hard to understand the perceptions of others. And if you think about it, some of the best professionals in the world at intimately understanding other people’s perceptions are, you guessed it, magicians.

To success in the competitive marketplace, businesses and their employees need to master the skill of perception—and learn to Think Like A Magician™.

Guest speaker, Kostya Kimlat, is based in Orlando, Florida, and travels around the United States and the world presenting his keynote presentation, Think Like A Magician.™

Thinking like magicians will help your employees develop their interpersonal relationships with others and strengthen their communication skills. Your team can become more confident and at ease with others. At business meetings and gatherings, instead of being lost in their own thoughts, they’ll be able to perceive the wants and anticipate the needs of their customers, clients and colleagues. They’ll connect and communicate more effortlessly with anyone and everyone with whom youtheyinteract. 

As a guest speaker, Kostya can teach your group to focus on their audience's perceptions. This will help them communicate their messages with intent, comfort, and mastery

Using these magician's principles as a guide, your organization can begin to see things more clearly from others’ perspectives. Just like magician, your employees have the ability to understand, connect, and communicate. And they have the power to transform—themselves and others. If they haven't practiced these skills, or feel they’re not good at them, it's time to open their minds to abilities they may not have known they have. 

The art and craft of magic can showcase principles of applied psychology in action. Magicians think differently, see differently, and act differently. Understanding these differences and applying them in a different field can be very powerful.

In the end, each of your employees won’t be a magician but you’ll learn to Think Like A Magician™.