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Magician & Mentalist, Kostya Kimlat

The Polo Club of Boca Raton Says:

Kostya Kimlat is a step above the traditional showman. We recently had him perform his magic and mentalism show for our members at The Polo Club of Boca Raton. From start to finish, the audience was engaged by his humble and genuine personality, and unique and novel sleight of hand magic. Our members were willing participants in the show and he was just as eager to wow them with his skills. He captured their attention with his infectious energy and talents and gave our members a night of magical entertainment they will not forget. Don’t miss the chance to let Kostya Kimlat entertain you!
— Kathy Kelley, Director of Social Events, The Polo Club of Boca Raton

Give your members an exceptional experience WITH THE SOPHISTICATED MAGIC AND MENTALISM OF Kostya Kimlat. 

Kostya Kimlat is a world-renowned entertainer, speaker, mentalist, and magician. He has amazed groups at exclusive private and corporate events in over 200 cities on 5 continents. Kostya’s specialties are sleight-of-hand and sleight-of-mind. The famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA has said that Kostya is “transforming the art of close-up magic.” Kostya performed for the Las Vegas duo, Penn & Teller on their hit TV show, Penn and Teller: Fool Us, and became one of the few magicians to actually fool them!


“Kostya’s show is an unforgettable, must-see event!” —WHERE ORLANDO

Whether on stage or one-on-one, Kostya engages crowds with ease, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. This is why Kostya has been invited to perform magic for Medal of Honor Recipients at the Presidential Inaugural Ball in Washington D.C. While he mingles with guests at a reception, amazing them with jaw-dropping magic, what he’s really doing is building relationships and creating a fun and friendly atmosphere throughout the crowd.

Kostya delights your guests with two types of magic: up-close and on stage!

Start the night with interactive magic to greet the guests. After dinner, bring everyone together to experience a group show. Pair Kostya’s magic with a wine-tasting or make the evening a fully-themed dinner-show. The evening is guaranteed to be a highlight of your social calendar!

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Engage everyone at once with Kostya's sophisticated blend of mentalism and magic. Delight the entire group and watch them become a part of the show while having an unforgettable time together!

Kostya’s show brings people together to experience the amazing and extraordinary moments in our everyday lives.  His unforgettable stage-show celebrates the synchronicity of amazing people and magical moments. In creating astonishing experiences, Kostya gives his audience the one-of-a-kind gift of wonder. 


The best way to break the ice and get your guests laughing, smiling and having fun! Sophisticated close-up magic takes place right in members' hands, and gets them excited to be a part of the entire event.
Interactive magic is ideal to welcome members when they arrive for the evening, or as a meet-and-greet session after a group show. Your guests will love the one-on-one experience and the extra attention they get from Kostya, as they interact with him directly.


Every club strives to create an exciting social calendar full of entertainment for their members.

Kostya Kimlat is an ideal entertainer for the members of your private club. Kostya engages and entertains with clean humor and interesting presentations ideal for family-friendly audiences. People love the participation and they love being fooled by a gentleman. 

Bring in Kostya to delight your members and they’ll thank you for the extraordinary experience!