Magic classes for adults begin tomorrow at Dr. Phillips Center for Performing Arts

This fall, my team of magicians and I will be teaching a Magic Class for adults at one of the most exquisite performing arts centers in the country, the newly built Dr. Phillips Center for Performing Arts in downtown Orlando.

After an action-packed week-long summer session for kids covered by News 13 and FOX 35, we’re doing a special six week session for adults eighteen and up. 

Am I risking my career by exposing the secrets of magic?
Will I get kicked out of the magician’s alliance?

Yes. Totally. The secrets I am going to reveal in class will make even Penn & Teller blush. 

Over the course of six, 90 minute classes, students will learn not just the secrets of amazing magic, they’ll learn how to transform the world around them. And only a dozen lucky students are going to be a part of this inaugural semester.

These newcomers to magic, (magic fans, aficionados, amateur and lovers of magic) are going to learn how to read minds, influence decisions, control actions and predict the future. And that’s just the first class!

I’m excited because teaching magic has been a huge part of my life for 20 years. I’ve traveled around the world talking to thousands of magicians about the art, craft, theater, psychology and business of magic. I love talking, discussing, creating and sharing it with those that are truly interested in learning.

And now this is the first time I get to bring it to the mainstream, to the public, in a beautiful state of the art performing arts center. I get to give a group of adults interested in magic a glimpse into the vast amounts of curiosities that exist in the house of magic.

Along the way they’re going to exercise their speaking skills, hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity. They’re also going to expand their understanding of perception by exercising their ability to see the world from another person’s point of view — an essential task to a successful magic performance. And although learning a few tricks won’t turn someone into a full fledged magician, the class will provide them with an unparalleled foundation if they choose to pursue their interest further.

Most importantly, there’s a moment when a person learns a new idea, skill or principle, that something special happens. Their eyes widen, their mind expands, and a new realm of possibility is awakened. This doesn’t just apply to magic, it happens in every learning situation. And that’s my ultimate goal of teaching this class: to show people how they can approach their world in a whole new way. Just as I teach my business clients to “Think Like A Magician,” I am going to show these students how the lateral thinking they discover while learning magic can be applicable to so many other parts of their life.

I’m excited to get started. I’ll see you in class!

MagicKostya Kimlat