Lifestyle Changes That Last, Like Magic

Practicing magic for 20 years has taught me that practice never ends. You're constantly refining ideas, perfecting techniques. The levels of learning make themselves very clear. 

I’m starting to see that the positive strides I’ve made in changing certain behaviors have each taken a year or more to develop. And they follow a pattern similar to the one that comes when anyone goes for  a lifestyle change

I find something I want to change, I find a reason why I want that, I learn how I can accomplish it, and then I am disappointed at myself and disapprove of my inability to do so easily. I then forget about the goal, and the efforts leave my conscious thoughts. 

And then somehow, six to twelve months pass by and I find myself doing that thing or changing that behavior. This includes learning to save more, invest smarter, exercise, study and other habits. 

There’s an early point of frustration and giving up, a forgetting, and then something magical occurs. I don’t quite understand it. But I am comfortable that good things take time. That good things must start with an intention and be fueled by passion. And that they require patience. I look forward to the many more changes ahead.