Healthcare CFO talks about hiring keynote speaker, Kostya Kimlat

After hiring Kostya Kimlat as a keynote speaker for her group for a third year, Karen Fauer, of UltraGroup Healthcare, discusses her expectations and reflections on his keynote presentations. 

What led you to Kostya?

I just started thinking about it, because we do our conferences every year, and I wanted to do something different. So I started researching him, looking online about him, and I just saw all these interviews with people who had just ... You know, big companies, a lot bigger than ours. GE, NASA, and all this stuff. And so I thought if he can do it for them, surely he can do it for us, but I was still a little nervous about it.

What were your concerns?

We're in healthcare and so I thought, well, how is a magician going to relate to healthcare, to these people in healthcare? I just wasn't sure if that was going to click, but, like I said, as I started researching I just thought he's doing it for all these other companies, he's a business magician, the power of perception. Well, that makes sense because we're dealing with patients and the way we treat the patients and that sort of thing. I was nervous up to the day of the conference, up to the moment he spoke really. Because I just didn't know how it was all going to work out. We'd had a phone call, I'd met him, but I didn't know how he was going to tie it all in. Then when he came and everybody was just amazed by him. I mean, he had everybody's attention, just everybody was completely focused on him the entire time. It was so good and the feedback was amazing. I mean, that was three years ago and we've had him back every year since.

How was the booking process?

We worked with his secretary or assistant, and our assistant worked with his assistant. I mean, it was just smooth, it was really simple. There was no stress to it at all.

What would you tell others?

I've told other people about him. I think that I've had people call me about him and I just told them how amazing he is and how he connects with the audience. I don't think there's a business that he wouldn't work for.

What did Kostya teach? 

Today, I felt like he was really connecting with the audience on bringing the power of perception, and how our patients might feel when they walk into a situation for the first time and they see all these different things around them and they're focused on so many different things, and how we're treating them when they come in and how they may feel. When to us it's just business as usual, we're doing the same thing over and over, we're used to it, but to them this is the first time that they're walking in into a situation and they're scared, or they might not be listening. He talked about how they might not be exactly hearing what you're saying because they're focused on so many things going on around the room, or what's different. I just felt like it just really connected with everybody in the room. We have nurses and therapists that were in there and I just felt like it really connected with them on how to apply it, the power of perception, to what they do.

Any final thoughts?

I just think he's so good and he's so captivating. And what he does can just work into any situation, I mean, in life or in business. It's just what he does, it just works into all of it perfectly.